Catchy title.

I personally hate writing autobiographical texts, so I'm going to make this short. I'm Kai Brune a student from Germany and I spend most of my time creating online content. From corporate films over podcast up to webdesigns. Of course there a things I can do better than others, but I try to get a nice overview of most topics. So if you want to say Hi or maybe work with me on further projects hit me up at Twitter or take the dinosaur-methode via Mail.

What am I up to?

Everyday there a new tasks to complete on several projects. Some of these projects I host myself, some are hosted by others external. A selection of my current projects you can find in the list below. Feel free to click through them.

Stalk me where?

When no just isn't enough you stalk people. When you can't get enough from me, you can follow me on my social media channels. This sounded more narcissistic as it should have. But if you interested to get in touch with me write me a message on Twitter or take the dinosaur-methode via Mail. If you interested what is going on in my head, read my thoughts on my Medium blog. Up to some fresh tunes? Check my Spotify profile.